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API First

We build to function first with the intention of having your business logic work with any device you need right now or in the future. Creating API First infratruction offers efficiencies in both development and end user performance.

Document Driven

We create detailed documentation to ensure that developers know exactly what you want, and you know exactly what you're getting. Every action has a User Story, so that no details come to light the last minute.


We work with you to create a wireframe that provides a mock up of your project - so you can get a feel for the user journey. This means that you can go through a test run of your idea before we start to code.

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Only What You Need

We work as a small in-house team for those things we do every day; developmenet and maintainance, for example. For work that isn't our specialism we work with other service providers to ensure all parts of your project is handled by experts. We're always open about who we partner with and let you work with them directly if you'd prefer - we never add a margin on top of our commercial partners services (you pay what they charge).

Project Management

Software can be a challange and if you find yourself needing to communicate with multiple teams you can outsource to one of our project managers to ensure that you've got a single point of contact for your project.


If you're in need of an expert to lend understanding to your project or team, who can contribute to long term strategy - then we're the partner you need. We can help you make better decisions in the fast changing world of technology.

Graphic Design and UX

No web site or mobile app would have impact without good design - both visually, and with regards to user behaviour. Our designers can produce everything your site or app needs, as well as all the tangibles such as business cards and leaflets.

API Development

Nowadays APIs are everywhere. Websites use them, apps use them, as does the internet of things. We build robust, future proof, highly scalable APIs - using both GraphQL and RESTful techniques.

Server Maintance

As well as looking after our own platforms that run our clients' site and services - we provide managed infratructure: From web servers, to email, to databases, to telecoms. We're experienced with AWS and OpenStack, and are able to support virtual and hard devices.

Open Source

We focus on building open source software; our clients sponsor development to add new features, or create entirely new applications. WordPress by Automattic is a great and popular example of successful open source software that business the world over benefit from. Businesses implement their branding, their copy, their data, their processes, their relationships, and their marketing - and the open source development community builds more tools.


NodeJS provides rapid development, handles huge request load, and has the biggest community of developers.


Go supports our more intensive and stable tasks like video processing, networking tools, and number crunching.

React Native

React Native gives us to ability to create mobile applications that are clean, fast, and work on all the most popular devices.


Our infrastructure is built on top of Amazon Web Services, giving us data centres all over the globe providing near limitless scale.


Using Electron we can build desktop applications that have a smooth interface and that work on all the main OSs like Windows and Apple Mac.


By utilising GraphQL we can build a complex systems that are efficient and flexible no matter what devices, mobile or desktop.

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